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Qonda means „to understand“ in Zulu!

Hundreds of different languages are the last communicative hurdle in a world of unlimited com- munication opportunities globalized world of unlimited communication possibilities. The Covid pandemic at the latest has shown that video communication via the Internet increasingly brings people together all over the world, provided that they also „understand“ each other.

Qonda creates the conditions for people to understand each other in this modern world, regard- less of their linguistic abilities. Whether Arabic, Swahili, Chinese or even Zulu – anyone can com- municate comfortably with anyone in their native language.

Qonda is a global platform for interpreters and businesses. The platform technology allows events and livestreams to be interpreted „on demand“ into an infinite number of languages and in real time. This also creates previously untapped and unimagined corporate communication opportu- nities for global corporations, international companies, government organizations and interna- tional organizations of all kinds.

In addition, Qonda promotes customer communication, e.g. in sales or marketing. To make this possible, Qonda is creating a global platform for interpreters where they can register as language service providers all over the world. They are connected through the platform – according to cus- tomer requirements – and on demand with corresponding translation sequences. At the same time, this creates a global market for interpreters, combined with appropriate pricing.

What is our goal? We want to become the global provider on the market for real-time interpreting for different groups of people at any place and at any time. It also aims to create innovative artificial intelligence systems for speech recognition and interpreting based on industry and market-spe- cific experience.

Qonda was founded in 2020 by a very successful entrepreneur with international experience from the industry and is already active in the market with the first stages of development online. It already has access to approximately 17,000 interpreters worldwide through a collaboration.

Qonda currently enables three communicative building blocks: production of livestreams, provi- sion of hybrid solutions and the provision of real-time communication solutions for multilingual viewers in their native language.

The platform is currently undergoing active technological and organizational development. Cur- rently employees are being recruited and vacancies filled in key positions. The goal is to raise a first round of financing at the end of this year to fund the planned rapid growth.


Position, Tasks and Responsibilities

Your Role:

Chief Technical Officer – CTO (m/w/d) & Co-Founder


Your tasks and challenges

  • As a member of the leadership team, you are the head of the IT architecture of the Qonda platform. Based on customer requirements and in close coordination with marketing and sales, you are responsible for the technological expansion and further development of the platform. In addition, you will take a leading role in the optimal design and implementation.
  • Your tasks also include the sustainable development and management of an adequate developer team and the cloud infrastructure required for operation, supported by external part- ners. The perfect integration of these disciplines should be your focus.
  • Innovations are an important success factor for us. That is why we expect you to keep an eye on market trends at all times and to continuously incorporate them into product develop- ment. Driver technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning play a particu- larly important role for us.
  • In addition to the destination, the path is crucial for our journey. For this reason, we need your expertise and experience in project management, ideally in a complex and agile envi- ronment. Our guiding principle here is „managing complexity“.


Candidate Profile


  • With your confident, goal- and practice-oriented mindset, you can inspire and enthuse your team. In addition, you are able to translate complex issues and concepts for different stake- holders in a comprehensible way and to win strong multipliers.
  • You think and act with a long-term perspective, derived from Qonda’s vision and a deep understanding of the company’s current and future customer needs and markets.
  • A feedback culture is a lived practice for you and you regularly reflect on your working meth- ods as well as those of your team in order to keep an eye on continuous, joint improvement. In addition, creative methods for product development are an integral part of your open way of working.
  • You have a talent for understanding and successively empowering your colleagues in your leadership role of a distributed leadership model to act independently and entrepreneurially.


Technical Skills

  • Deep understanding of software development lifecycle and software architecture
  • Understanding of the technologies required to build state-of-the-art video conferencing solu-tions
  • Understanding of WebRTC and related protocols and operations (STUN/TURN, SDP,RTP/RTCP, congestion control, video/audio codecs and their use in WebRTC)
  • Familiar with WebRTC architecture and components (SFUs, MCUs, TURN servers, cloudarchitecture, client libraries, browsers, etc.)
  • Understanding of major cloud computing platforms (AWS, Google cloud, etc.) and the abilityto integrate their solutions effectively into current projects



  • Your age does not play a major role. However, you should fit in well with the current team (25-45 years old) and feel comfortable in it.



• Due to the main focus of the task, you should have a profound and in-depth IT expertise (computer science degree) and a good basic understanding of business administration with practical experience. We also expect several years of experience in the field of IT architec- ture, especially in cloud computing (AWS), and in the complex environment of software en- gineering for web applications. To implement our vision, you ideally bring experience in the field of artificial intelligence or machine learning.

Language skills

• Excellent English language skills are required


For more information, please visit our website or send a message to our CEO

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